Official Trailer for Turkish Retirement Home Doc 'Distant Constellation'

"You sure there are aliens out there?" "Yes." Grasshopper Films has released an official trailer for a peculiar little documentary titled Distant Constellation, the feature debut of filmmaker/camerawoman Shevaun Mizrahi. This film has been playing at numerous film festivals all of last year and this year. It's described as a "Tarkovskian dream-like landscape", focusing on "the inhabitants of a Turkish retirement home where pranksters, artists and old casanovas seduce us to confront the true nature of time." Well that sounds quite mesmerizing, and this trailer gives us a good look at a bit of that. I enjoy how quirky and playful this seems, yet it's also very wise and profound in its examination of humanity and our life experiences on this planet.

Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Shevaun Mizrahi's doc Distant Constellation, from YouTube:

Distant Constellation Poster

A beautifully composed and magical documentary, Shevaun Mizrahi's Distant Constellation introduces us to the colorful residents of a Turkish retirement home, a community made up of pranksters, historians, artists and would-be Casanovas. A 2018 Independent Spirit Award nominee, Mizrahi’s playful, dreamy film is one of the most unforgettable cinematic experiences of the year. Distant Constellation is directed by Turkish-American filmmaker Shevaun Mizrahi, making her feature directorial debut after a short film and other camera jobs previously. This premiered at the Locarno Film Festival last year, and played at lots of other fests including London, Vienna, IDFA, Göteborg, Sarasota, & BAM CinemaFest. Grasshopper Films will release Mizrahi's Distant Constellation in select theaters starting November 2nd this fall. Thoughts?